The Problems that Hearing Doctors in Naples Treat

by | Jun 16, 2014 | Health

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The ears are an important organ of the body. It helps with hearing as well as in body balance. When a part of the ears isn’t working the way it is supposed to, we end up using a lot of our other senses to try and compensate. If you suspect that you could be having a hearing problem, it would be wise to get good hearing doctors in Naples for a diagnosis. Here are some of the hearing problems that they treat.

Blocked sound waves

This problem is results when earwax or fluid from a perforated eardrum blocks sound waves from getting into the inner ear. When this happens, a person’s hearing ability decreases. The commonest treatment for this hearing complication is getting the earwax buildup out by making use of jets of water. Alternatively, the ear doctor may make use of other special tools to remove the plug of wax that is caused by the earwax.


There are times when the bone in the middle of the ear starts to grow abnormally. This leads to the gradual degradation of the ability of the eardrum to capture sound waves and eventually, total hearing loss. Depending on the bone that grows abnormally, this condition could lead to conductive hearing loss, which is the loss of the ears ability to transmit sound waves between the outer and the middle part of the year, or destroy the sensory nerves in the ear leading to the complete loss of hearing.

Hearing loss caused by noise

The inner part of the ear contains minute hairs that vibrate to create electrical signals when sound waves reach part of the ear. If the noise is too loud, these hairs will bend too far. As a result, hearing ability is lost. The problem about this type of hearing loss is the fact that it is impossible to grow these hairs back and so technically; this type of hearing loss is permanent. However, if you have suffered this type of hearing loss, it is possible to get some kind of hearing aid to improve hearing.


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