The Process of Steel Recycling in NJ

by | Jul 10, 2014 | Waste Management

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Through recycling, you contribute a lot to sustainable development through the elimination or reduction of waste by saving the primary resources. In addition, steel recycling in NJ helps reduce energy consumption (leading to a reduction in carbon emissions) since less energy is required in re-melting scrap than is required in the production of new products from ore. The recycling process goes through three basic steps -; collecting and transporting, separating and filtering, and re-making.

Collecting and Transporting Steel Scrap

Collecting the steel scrap is the first step in the process of steel recycling in NJ. Collection is done through various forms including junked cars and soup cans. Once the scrap steel is collected, it is transported via trucks, barges and trains to processing facilities that recycle steel.
The cargo has to go through a radiation sensor before it can be accepted and processed further as hazardous waste. If the cargo is clean, it is fed to a conveyor belt where it is checked again for radiation.

Separating and Filtering

The conveyor belt directs the scrap through a series of cutters and grinders that are used to transform them into fist-sized chunks. While on the belt, ferrous and non-ferrous metals are separated using powerful magnets. The steel scrap that is separated from other impurities is now taken to the next step in the recycling process.


Once all the materials have gone through the magnetic drum, they are completely separated for further processing in other locations. For example, ferrous metals like steel and iron are delivered to steel mills for melting and re-forging to new steel products. The non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and copper are forwarded to other facilities that will process them into new components through aluminum recycling. The only condition is that the metals have to be in a pure state before they are melted down and re-forged. Visit American Auto Salvage & Recycling of Mays Landing for more information.

Steel recycling in NJ produces different grades with each tailored for explicit applications in diverse sectors such as construction, vehicles, engineering and packaging. Steel scrap can also be combined with other metals to create different types of steel as required by the market. At American Recycling, LLC you will find a wide range of scrap metal containers that will fit any need you require, making it easier for you to start the recycling process.

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