The Properties Of 5083 Aluminum

In specialty types of applications, a particular grade of aluminum alloy can be selected to match the requirements for the job. This allows for the alloy to effectively stand up in the specific working environment and to match the needs for strength, machinability, weldability, and finishing that is just right for the job.

All aluminum alloys are made up of a combination of other components as well as aluminum. Each of these added components adds to a specific aspect of the alloy, making it a superior choice for a given application.

When it comes to 5083 aluminum, the properties of the alloy make it a good option for a wide range of different uses. It is considered one of the top aluminum alloys for resisting corrosion, including for marine applications, and it is also a good option for weldability and machinability.

The Alloy

All 5083 aluminum is made up of 92.4 to 96.5% aluminum. In addition, there is magnesium at the next highest percentage, giving this alloy its strong ability to withstand corrosive environments.

Within the rest of the components in the metal alloy, there is iron, titanium, manganese, silicon, chromium as well as copper and zinc. This combination allows this aluminum alloy to have a greater weldability and machinability than several other aluminum grades, making it easier to work with for many different applications.

Strength to Weight

While 5083 aluminum is by no means a light alloy, it as a top strength to weight ratio. This makes it a good option for marine applications, and it is used in shipbuilding as well as in other types of structural uses where strength is important without extensive weight.

This alloy is also a good option when extreme temperatures will be part of the application. You will find 5083 used in cryogenic tanks as well as in high heat structures. It does not become brittle even when cooled and heated to these extremes, which is essential in these types of uses.

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