The Stages Of A Divorce Action

Going through a divorce action is no fun, however, if you know what to expect it can at least, be less painful. The laws that apply to divorce tend to vary a little state by state; even so, there are things that the couple considering a divorce should consider prior to hiring Houston divorce attorneys and being the process. There are certain best practices to follow as well as the proceedings advance.

The first step:

The first step that a couple should take is to genuinely be sure that a divorce is what they want. It is amazing how many couples go through a divorce only to turn around a year later, reconcile and re-marry. Divorce is expensive and time consuming; if there was ever a time to seek reconciliation, it is now. It is not unusual for the couple to attend marriage counseling sessions or arrange for a trial separation before they pursue divorce.

The second step:

If it appears there is really no hope for the marriage, your Houston divorce attorneys will discuss the available options. In the state of Texas there is fault and no-fault divorce, the attorneys will point out the differences. Most couples opt for a no-fault action, being of the opinion that the marriage has broken down and there is no hope to save it.

In contrast, a fault divorce is one that requires the intervention of a judge to decry that one partner was in some way at fault for the failure of the marriage. There are numerous reasons why one party is at fault; often it is physical or emotional abuse or adultery. There may be good reason to file for an at fault divorce; the spouse not at fault may be granted alimony or a larger share of the marital assets.

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