The Value Of A Book Bank

Education can be costly, and many impoverished families find it difficult or impossible to provide their children with the school and academic books needed for their education. In addition, older students may also struggle to find academic books that are offered at a low price or for extended use throughout the school year.

A book bank is an ideal solution to this problem. This is a collection of books that are used in academic programs, either in formal or non-formal educational settings. The books are available to students for their use during the school year, ensuring they have the necessary academic support to complete their studies.

Building a Book Bank

One of the ways many of the charitable trusts throughout India create a collection of books to provide to schools and school children is through donations. In some cases, large national or international businesses and organizations may contribute books to add to the collection.

These can be books the large organizations have collected through special book drives in communities inside India or around the world. These books are then sorted and sent to different charities. Other organizations may complete a fundraiser or event and provide the donations collected or the proceeds of the event to the charitable organization to purchase books for the collection.

Having a book bank is an important part of helping children and families. Some of these books can also be for special groups, including Braille books for those who are visually impaired.

Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust provides a book bank from the donated books from different organizations and individuals. To learn more, see us at

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