There Are A Few Things To Do Before You Junk Your Old Car

by | Oct 4, 2016 | Automotive

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If you have an old junk car laying in your driveway or backyard, not only is it an eye-sore, it takes up valuable space and can pose a danger to neighborhood kids that might think it’s a great thing to play in and on top of it all; it is actually worth money. The best thing to do is sell that Chicago junk car and let the junk yard deal with it from there. Before you call and have it towed away there are a few things you need to do.

Get any personal belonging out of it:

It’s amazing how much stuff can end up in a car, if you have had it for ages odds are when you closed the doors for the last time you left things in it. It is your responsibility to go through the car and remove anything that is yours. An old junk car is not a dumpster, the junk yard wants the scrap; it does not want useless items that were left behind.

Is the title in order?

Chances are good that you have already cancelled the insurance but before you sell it to the junk yard you still have to transfer ownership and to do this you need a valid title.

Be wary of any junkyard that says the title is no problem; it is. Technically you still own the car even though it has been towed off to the junkyard and there is always a chance that you will incur some kind of liability. It is far better to sell it to a junk yard that insists on having the title.

Are there parts that you can sell?

If you have already negotiated a price for your Chicago junk car then you are really obliged to turn it over in the condition it was when the deal was done. Nothing stops you however from selling parts off it first and then scrapping it.

A Chicago junk car is worth money. Aero Auto Parts will be happy to give you a cash offer on the spot and remove it from your property at no charge to you. Call Aero Auto Parts and leave the rest to them. And also like our Facebook page.

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