There Are Pella Houses for Sale in All of the Best Neighborhoods

Though anyone seeking Pella houses for sale may be doing so because of the amazing attractions and setting of the city, the different Pella houses for sale are found in unique neighborhoods. For example, you might like the idea of being centrally located close to the heart of town, or you might wish to be a bit further removed and close to the many natural attractions within minutes of town. This means you will want to choose from the different Pella houses for sale based on the best neighborhoods for your needs.

For those who want the most convenient and centralized location, the Washington Street neighborhood is right for you. Bordered by Main Street on the eastern edge, divided by busy Washington Street down the middle and ending at University Street at the southernmost point, it is where Central College, West Market Park and so many other appealing areas are found. Those who choose to live here say they do so for its location, walkability, proximity to the lake and sense of community.

It contains part of the historical area and serves as a sort of boundary for it along with the Union neighborhood. Just east of the Washington Street neighborhood is the quieter Union neighborhood. Minutes from the Pella High School and a single block from the wonderful historic area, with its canal and windmill, it is close to another quiet residential area known as Hillcrest. A bit farther out of town, it is a perfect choice for those who want peace along with convenience and short commutes.

Yet, the Bos Landen and Eagle Creek areas as also just as popular and appealing. Mostly residential, they are just minutes from Iowa’s largest lake, Lake Red Rock. Both are also very close to North Overlook Park at the southern end of the lake, but within minutes of town.

This is just a brief sketch of the neighborhoods where you can find Pella houses for sale. With its wonderful reputation and many outdoors and cultural venues, it is a consistently popular location for both travelers and those seeking a quiet, peaceful and satisfying place to live. Work with a knowledgeable real estate professional in the Pella area to explore both the homes and neighborhoods and choose the perfect fit for you. Whether you like living in town or a more rural setting, Pella has it all.

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