Things to Consider Before Renting a Stage

The process of determining the company to hire for staging your event can be a daunting task to some. You can easily find yourself frustrated when you are renting a stage for the first time. It is important to understand the importance and have enough information when it comes to renting a stage for an event. Below are some important tips to consider before renting a stage.

1. Be Aware of the Rigging Plot
Being aware of your stage rigging plot is one of the most significant ways you can determine the appropriate stage for an event. It is important you be aware of the production equipment and the amount of load bearing capacity you will be in need of for your grid.

2. Supervisors, Safety and Weather ready
The expectation of every person on these three assets should be the same. You will have to get the best weather protection, safety, and supervisors in the industry. You need to take prior measures that will ensure your stage is ready for bad weather and other unforeseen occurrences. For instance, you can always modify the backdrop on auto stages to rig to the pipes, which can allow the backdrops to be lowered instead of cutting back whenever heavy wind hits.

3. Check if you will be in Need of Stamped Blueprints
Having a stamped blueprint will help give you a peace of mind and proof of a structures integrity. Honestly, the only individuals who can offer a pushback when asked about stamped drawings are people who are unable to provide them or who do not prioritize the safety of a job site.

4. Insurance
It is important that you ensure you have accounted for insurance coverage whenever you are planning for an event. Always have this factored in your budget.

At Gallagher Staging, all our gear including runways, deck rentals, custom stages and truss rentals are always constructed in line with safety and health legislation.

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