Things to Consider for Crane Rental

There are a large number of construction, freight and manufacturing service companies that opt for crane rental, rather than actually purchasing this piece of equipment. This is done for practical reasons. When companies choose to rent a crane, instead of purchasing one, they do so to lower their total expenses, without having to compromise their overall production capacity. When done, this will increase the company’s total income and their bottom line.

Actually purchasing a large piece of equipment, such as a crane, will involve your company spending a rather significant sum of money. Once you own the equipment, you also have to worry with maintenance and transport of the equipment from job to job. However, renting a crane minimises your company’s responsibility and will ensure the machine you receive is in top, working order.

Some additional things you need to consider when renting a crane are highlighted here.

Compare Prices and Options

There are no two heavy equipment rental services that will offer the same selections of cranes or prices. This means that you need to compare the offerings and the prices of the various rental services that you are considering using. This will give you information and help you determine which service is right for your business.


You need to find a rental company that has a number of different options to choose from. There are a number of different types of cranes, that are all different sizes and that serve different purposes. There are lattice boom truck cranes, hot mix plants, drum mix plants, hydras, forklifts, ODC transports, telescopic cranes, hydraulic cranes, truck mounted cranes, trailers, mechanical crawlers and asphalt plants, among others. Having the right type of crane for your job is essential.

Rental Company’s Years Operating

When you find a rental company offering heavy equipment, such as cranes, the longer they have been in business, the better. Obviously they are doing something right and offer high quality machines, otherwise they would likely have closed their doors by now.

Reviews from Other Customers

Even though a company has been in business for a long period of time, you cannot base your decision solely on this fact. You should also look at reviews that have been left by other customers that have used the rental service in the past. This will provide you with confidence that you are getting a superior piece of equipment for your jobsite needs.

If you are considering finding a crane rental service, visit the Tooley’s Crane Hire website for information.

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