Things To Tell Your Northbrook Divorce Attorney To Help Your Case

by | Feb 4, 2016 | Lawyers

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When you are going through a divorce it is essential to have the best Northbrook divorce attorney possible. But a lawyer can only do their best for you when they have all of the relevant information. Far too often people withhold information from their lawyers because they do not think it is important enough to disclose or they are embarrassed talking about it. If you want your lawyer to fight hard for you and do their very best, there are a few things that you have to tell them

  • All of Your Childs Important Information – this includes their full names, any nicknames, their date of birth, their current address and where they go to school. This will establish jurisdiction for the court and help them decide who will remain custody of the children and care for them. In addition, having information about a child’s day to day life will help your lawyer be able to do their background work on your children before presenting your case.
  • Information About the Other Parent or Caretaker – the lawyer will need to know basic information such as where the other parent lives and works so that they can establish a visitation schedule. They also need to know what the other spouse’s income is in order to propose child support and spousal support. In addition, they need to know if anyone is living with the other parent so they can handle any questions about them in relation to visitation or custody.
  • History of Abuse – if you have been abused by your spouse, even if there is no proof of the abuse, you need to make sure that your lawyer is given all of the information about any incidents. Often spouses are embarrassed or ashamed of having been the victim of domestic violence but this is information that is crucial to your lawyer. Their job is to help you and your children and work for the best outcome for you and they cannot do this without your full cooperation. Any history of spousal abuse will also effect where the court decides the child will live and how the visitation privileges are worked out.
  • If There are Any Other Pending Cases Involving Your Child – the court will need to know if your child is involved in any other ongoing court cases so they can streamline the process if possible.

Your lawyers job is to fight for you in every capacity but they cannot do that unless they are given all of the information they need. Communications between a lawyer and their client is privileged and cannot be disclosed to anyone against your wishes.

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