Three Popular Natural Materials for Kitchen Countertops in Auburn, Wa

These days, a long list of materials is available for countertops. Synthetics and laminates are popular because they’re inexpensive and can be made to resemble virtually any high-end natural material on the market. Still, they simply don’t hold up to the hazards of typical families as well as other options can. Though natural materials tend to be more expensive, they’re also intrinsically capable of withstanding the tests of time and abuse. Certain natural materials outshine the competition from a number of angles.


As far as Kitchen Countertops in Auburn Wa go, soapstone is more costly than some of the other alternatives. With proper care, it can last twenty years or more. This material has a smooth, luxurious feel. Though it tends to darken over time, some people insist this gives it character. Soapstone resists heat and stains well but tends to chip and dent fairly easily. That being said, it’s a relatively soft type of stone, so it can be sanded and refinished to hide blemishes. This options should be treated with mineral oil on a regular basis.


Marble is a lovely stone with each piece being different from the last. This makes it a beautiful, unique material for countertops, flooring and a wide range of other applications. It’s more expensive than other natural alternatives and doesn’t resist stains quite as readily. Of course, sealers have been developed to help offset the potential for damage. Marble is less durable than some materials, but for those who have extra money to spend and want truly high-end Kitchen Countertops in Auburn Wa, this would be the perfect fit.


Granite offers naturally ingrained patterns that make it a beautiful addition to any kitchen. It’s one of the most durable and stain-resistant materials on the market and can last for more than a century as long as it’s taken care of. Though it may need to be resealed from time to time, virtually no other maintenance is required. For those who use their kitchens constantly and are looking for a sanitary, simple-to-care-for option, this would be a great choice.

These are only a few of the popular natural countertop materials available to today’s homeowners. Each one offers its own set of benefits and disadvantages. Consider your overall decorative and architectural themes as well as the challenges your countertops will face after being installed. Weigh these factors against your budget to find the perfect alternative.

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