Three Signs That You Need an Oil Change Soon in Ashland VA

An oil change is a maintenance task that is highly necessary if you want your vehicle to perform well. Typically, you should change your oil at least once every 3,000 miles, but some manufacturers may recommend it for a more extended period. The following are a few indicators that it may be time for you to get an oil change in Ashland, VA soon.

Thick or Grainy Oil

Thick or grainy textured oil is a sign that you have dirt and debris built up in it. The oil fails to lubricate the engine when it gets to that point, and it may even harm its sensitive components.

Very Dark Color

Fresh oil has almost a beige tint to it that darkens as it moves through the engine and past all of its parts. You can tell that you need an oil change in Ashland, VA when it starts to become a dark brown texture. It will become thick and black if you go well over your time to get it changed.

Smoke From the Exhaust

Another sign that you may need to get your oil changes is smoke coming from your exhaust. The smoke might mean that you are burning oil or losing it. At any rate, a change will probably do you well.

You may need to have your oil changed and get an oil filter replacement in Ashland VA if you’re experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above. You can preserve your engine if you get an oil filter replacement in Ashland VA, and change your oil in time.

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