Three Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Taxes in Rockledge, FL

Tax season is a time when you can get a refund that can help you get ahead in life. These are three ways that you can maximize your refund so that you can get the most back at tax time.

Take Advantage of EIC

Earned income credit is a wonderful credit that can you thousands of dollars back on your income tax return. You may be eligible for the credit if you have children or dependents, and you’re in a position to file married filing jointly or head of household. You may be eligible for a small amount of EIC credit, even if you don’t have dependents.

Use Your Business-Related Vehicle

If you run a small business, you could use your vehicles to claim credits on your taxes. You can claim the credit by using the actual miles that the vehicles were driven, or you can take a standard deduction. Both situations can give you a huge break on your taxes.

Have a Tax Professional Prepare Your Taxes

One of the best ways you can maximize your return is by having a professional do your income tax preparation in Rockledge, FL. A Rockledge expert will have access to additional credits you can receive. He or she can also make sure that your paperwork is correct, and you don’t run the risk of getting audited by the IRS.

Contact G.I. Tax Services to schedule an appointment with a professional and find out how you can get income tax preparation in Rockledge, FL.

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