Tips for Brewing Hard Cider in New Berlin, WI

If you’re looking for hard cider brewing equipment, it’s probably a very exciting time for you and your company or home brewery. Hard cider is an extremely popular drink, offering liquid refreshment with a bite any time of the year, and getting the right hard cider brewing equipment is key. There are several other things that need to be done to help ensure that your hard cider comes out tasting its best. Some of those tips are below.


The amount of acid that your hard cider has will determine how it tastes, so you want to make sure that its acid levels are completely balanced. Too high levels can result in cider that tastes too sour and tart. Extremely low levels of acid leaves behind a cider that tastes weak and unfulfilling. Get pH test strips to find out exactly how your acidity levels are measuring. Ideal acid levels are anywhere between 3.0 and 4.0.


Try to keep the apple aroma inside your cider. Ciders that have an intense apple scent often taste the best. Fermenting your cider at temperatures that range between from 55 and 65 degrees allows the cider to ferment very slowly, keeping the heady apple scent in place. Order the strips when ordering your hard cider brewing equipment.


The yeast you use will have a profound effect on what your cider ends up tasting like. If you’re looking for cider that has an intense and fruity flavor, you’ll want to use wine or champagne yeast. Some people simply use the yeast that comes from the apples themselves, but that process tends to lead to less predictable results.

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