Tips for Choosing the Perfect Gym Towel

There are dozens of reasons people choose to start working out. They might be looking to drop a few pounds, build more muscle, or keep their body in the shape it is in. When visiting a fitness center, there are a few things that can make the process more comfortable. These include light workout clothes, comfortable shoes, and a high-quality gym towel. We’re going to look at the important things to consider when looking for the best gym towel for your needs.

Towel Material

Most towels are made of cotton, but there are some exceptions. Other options include linen, bamboo, microfiber, and eco-friendly Tencel. If you want something that is durable and will last, 100% cotton might be right. If you prefer something that is lightweight, you could try a blend of polyester and cotton. For an absorbent towel that dries quickly, you can’t go wrong with Tencel.

Level of Moisture Absorption

When you visit the gym, you want a towel that can absorb a decent amount of moisture. You will use it to wipe your face and other body parts, so it needs to be capable of absorbing plenty of sweat. A towel with tons of loops will be more absorbent than the alternatives, however you do not need absorbency that goes as far as your bath towels do. An option in the middle is going to be the best gym towel available.

Time to Dry

You do not want to leave sweat on your face or the machines at the gym, so having a towel that dries quickly is a must. In addition, if the drying takes too long the towel can start to smell rather badly. Of course, you must remember to wash your fitness towel every time you use it to avoid excess odor and bacteria. Keep in mind the dryness factor when choosing the towel right for you.

Special Features

While most towels are no more than just towels, others have special features that make them especially suited for the gym. TowelTech offers a gym towel that has color-coded sides, so one can be used on your face and the other on equipment. You’ll also find a zipper pocket for your keys and wallet, and a magnet so you can attach it to equipment while you work out.

If you need an amazing gym towel, TowelTech has you covered.

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