Tips For Finding The Best Custom Machining Services

Specialized custom machining shops that produce parts from metal bars, which includes custom fasteners, bolts, plates and other similar products are important for most Original Equipment Manufacturers. When they are local, the OEM has the advantage of ease of working with in-house engineers from the company as well as developing a partnership for small to large production orders.

There are a few considerations when choosing machining shops for custom work. As each business is different, not all of these issues may apply, but for most types of OEMs, these will be the central factors in choosing the right custom machining service.

Machining Services

Most machining today is completed using CNC or computer numerical control equipment. This requires the development of a CAD/CAM drawing that is then converted by the software into specific movements of the equipment.

Machining can involve a variety of different applications including threading, drilling, tapping, milling as well as turning. In general, all machining is designed to use precisely controlled tools to remove material from the workpiece (the bar) to create the desired shapes and features.

With CNC machining each part produced will be precise and accurate not just to each other, but specifically to the original software program. With this process, orders can be repeated without any change in the components produced.


Many custom machining services only work with metal alloys. This is not uncommon in many areas where the demand is only for alloy steel components. Other services have the experience and equipment to be able to work with a wide range of materials including exotic metals and superalloys as well as non-ferrous alloys and even nylon workpieces.

Make sure that the machining service selected offers in-house engineers to assist with the design of the part. The team may even be able to suggest options to lower the cost of production, which is always a benefit for any order.

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