Tips for Incorporating Cylinder Pendant Lights

The investment in cylinder pendant lights may be just what you need for your space. These light fixtures are unique in a number of ways. They are longer than a traditional style of pendant light. Yet, they offer more character and more of a refined look. In many ways, this type of light can be just what you need to make this area of your home or office stand out.

Smaller Spaces? Define Them

One of the best ways to use cylinder pendant lights is by placing them over smaller spaces. Perhaps you have a small desk or a wet bar in your living area. You have a countertop that you use and need light at, but you do not want that light to shine throughout the entire area. This cylinder light can work very well in this type of space.

Over Guest Tables

Another fantastic way to use these pendant lights is over your customer tables. In a restaurant setting, perhaps one that is supposed to be intimate and romantic, having a bit of a darker surrounding space is important. With these cylinder lights, you can create more of a pronounced amount of light just on the table. This creates that appeal that works so well in these spaces.

Group Them Together

If you like the look of these pendant lights, but you are not sure they offer enough light for your space, group several of them together. Keep their lengths a bit different from each other. This can create a beautiful arrangement for a larger table or workspace.

Cylinder pendant lights can be a fantastic addition to any space. They can add a lot of character and illuminate spaces just the way you want and need them to. Yet, the best of them are beautifully made, even featuring blown glass to give them more dimension and style.

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