Tips on Getting a No Credit or Bad Credit Loan

Whatever money you do have for a down payment and go ahead and add that all together. You’re going to need every dollar you have to make it count.

Check FICO Scores

The bigger the down payment is, the better the loan will be. You’ll also get a lower interest rate if you can lower amount of money that you actually end up borrowing. Check on your FICO score before you go into any loan opportunity. If you know your FICO score it will give you a real advantage in negotiations. Some lenders only lend to people with a certain FICO score. Once you know yours, you’ll know exactly where you stand with lenders. This gives you knowledge in the negotiation process with the lender.

Down Payments

There are hundreds of thousands of companies that lend money in America. There are so many lenders available that anyone, with any credit history, should be able to find financing for a car. No money down car loans can be pretty difficult to get though. In San Antonio, car financing with bad credit is available, but the truth is that having a down payment is something that most people are going to ask for before offering you alone. Ask your lender if this is something they require because not all do.

Companies You Trust

Sometimes when the amount that you want to finance exceeds the value of the car itself the lender might be willing to make a loan for a particular type of car. A lot of dealerships might try to tell you differently. They’re in the business of making a lot of money. They’re not often in the business of helping you out and preserving your financial well-being. Make sure you have a good plan in mind before going into buy a vehicle, and deal with a well-known company that is trustworthy.

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