Tips on Selecting Balayage Highlights for Curly Hair in Salinas

Adding color to hair is an art form, and when done correctly, the change can add depth and freshness. When investigating balayage highlights in Salinas, CA for curly locks, you will discover that there are many options to choose from. Here are some tips to help you select the perfect shade and treatment.

The Technique

Balayage highlighting is custom because the application is hand-painted onto sections of hair. The placement and shade you select can create a dramatic or soft appearance, and the colors run the spectrum of the rainbow.


The ginger tones range from coral to peach. When applied to dark hair, the stark contrast asserts boldness, but because of the placement, it appears natural and striking. Soft hints of orange tend to bring out red tones.


Pink is a popular pastel layered into the hair. This shade makes any hairstyle fun or a statement piece. Stylists can expertly fold pastels into light locks and dark curls.


Beige does not have to be boring. Light brown highlights lighten up dark roots, and blondes use tweed shades to create depth. Color experts can mix the browns with amber hues.


Perhaps the most well-known highlights are blonde. When the shading starts away from the scalp, light-colored locks make it look like a person has been in the sun. Because the stylists apply the treatment by hand, the changes naturally fade from one section to the next. There are no stark lines or pronounced drop-offs. For more details about balayage highlights in Salinas, CA for curly locks, contact Ringlets and Roots today.

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