Too Sick to Work? Hire an SSDI Lawyer to Apply for Benefits

When a worker becomes too sick to work, there are very few governmental programs to help. He can’t apply for unemployment benefits, because being able to accept a job is a requirement for that program. Often disabled workers have no source of income other than their savings or help from family or friends. If the condition lasts more than a year, then the worker can apply for help from the Social Security Disability Income program. People who have worked 20 or 30 years and contributed to Social Security are often disheartened to find out that their application is rejected. Because the Social Security Administration rejects so many applications, applicants should hire an SSDI Laywer to help them with their initial claim.

The lawyer will understand the details of the SSDI program and how it works. Applicants may not know that there is a book commonly referred to as the Blue Book. It contains a listing of most of the diseases and conditions that disable people. It lists specific criteria for each disease that Social Security employees use to determine if the applicant is disabled. Once a person lists a specific disease such as congestive heart failure as the reason they cannot work, the Social Security Administration will compare their application with the criteria for approval. If the applicant doesn’t meet the criteria in the Blue Book, the application will be rejected. Often the applicant does meet all of the criteria, he just didn’t know that he had to include everything.

The Blue Book does not include all diseases and conditions. For example, it has not been updated to include Fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, adult diabetes and carpal tunnel syndrome. People with these conditions can apply for and receive benefits under the SSDI program, but it is more difficult. They have to prove that their condition does meet the same standards of disability as those in the Blue Book. This is called a medical-vocational allowance. Their SSDI Laywer will help them document their condition and work limitations. The Harold W. Conick & Associates Ltd. are one of the law firms that can help people complete their application. People who are unable to work can contact them for a consultation.

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