Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Malaysia

Since 2004, Nano Medic Care has been one of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Malaysia. But what is it about our company that has made it one of the leading players in the local area? Here are a few factors that have been crucial in the growth of Nano Medic Care.


One of the biggest factors in Nano Medic Care’s growth has been its commitment to quality. This commitment is both in terms of the products and services but also in terms of the safety of its end users.

Another key part of the group’s philosophy has been the reduction of the technology gap in Malaysia. There has been the fear that some parts of the population have missed out on medical advances due to the affordability of medication and equipment, something that we have tried to address.


Corporate social responsibility has also been a part of Nano Medic Care’s commitment to the advancement of healthcare locally and in Malaysia. One example of this has been a program offering free basic health check-ups to around 100 centers in underprivileged areas that would otherwise be unable to offer these services.


Nano Medic Care’s CME (continuous medical education) program has also been dedicated to improving medical knowledge of digital radiography, e-imaging, and digital archiving in private and public hospitals, as well as the use of products such as the ZSR circumcision stapler.
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