Top Benefits to Buying New Home Construction in North Port, Florida

New home construction in North Port, Florida provides potential home buyers with even more advantages than ever. Most people looking to buy a house discover that new construction homes have far more advantages than buying a pre-owned home.

Here is a look at just a few of the advantages that buying a new home from Reese Homes provides home buyers.

Move-in Ready

One of the biggest benefits to new home construction in North Port, Florida is the homes are move-in ready. Once the homes are built, homeowners don’t have to worry about anything but moving in. The reason for this is the new construction guarantees that everything is up to code.

There is no worry about appliances not working or missing. Plumbing is in good working order, and there is no risk of any foundation or roofing issues. All of these things will be discovered and fixed during the building inspections.

New Home Warranty

A home warranty typically covers a newly built home and everything that comes inside of it. This gives you a little peace of mind as a home buyer because you know that if anything goes wrong, the warranty will take care of it. This includes a broken HVAC unit, a leaking roof, a crack in the foundation, and more.

With a home warranty in place, the builder will come out and handle any issues that arise. With a pre-owned home, you are on your own, and if anything goes wrong, you must fix it yourself.

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