Top Reasons To Buy A New Hyundai

A quick look around the streets and highways of Elizabeth, NJ, makes it easy to see just how many different makes and models of vehicles are on the road. When it comes to cars and SUVs, the new line of Hyundai vehicles in Elizabeth, NJ, is what buyers need to consider.

The Warranty

Car buyers in and around Elizabeth, NJ, will appreciate the comprehensive warranty offered by Hyundai. This includes a 10-year/100000-mile limited warranty on the powertrain and a 5-year unlimited coverage for flat tire repairs and changes, battery jump-starts, and towing. In addition, hybrid buyers will appreciate the lifetime hybrid battery warranty.

Fun to Drive

The compact size and maneuverability of the entire line of vehicles make these cars and SUVs fun to drive on the highway and in the city. They offer the power and performance drivers expect while also remaining a great vehicle for handling in any type of traffic.

Economical to Own

The Hyundai line of vehicles is known for fuel economy and reliability. These are highly efficient vehicles to drive, offering a range of vehicle styles and options that allow the buyer to choose the right vehicle for cargo and passenger needs. New models can include the Active ECO system, which helps to reduce fuel use by changing the shifting patterns.

Interior Design and Comfort

While these vehicles are affordably priced, they do not scrimp on the interior features, safety, or style. Look for some of the latest in technology, a great infotainment center, and additional features that make these cars and SUVs great for the whole family.

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