Top Reasons Why Many Buyers Show Up for Garage Sales in Ann Arbor, MI

Garage sales have been around for decades and their popularity never seems to decrease. People always show up when there is a garage sale in Ann Arbor, MI. Why is this and should you show up too?

Cheap Prices

The items you will find on sale during garage sales are usually items the owners no longer use. They want the items to go and therefore their prices are unimaginably cheap. The items are sold at a fraction of their actual value.


Garage sales are not just for selling old stuff. You will be surprised at how many people hoard new and fairly used items. Yard sales are the perfect way to get rid of these. This means that buyers get a wide variety of items to choose from. Books, toys, clothes and collectibles are just a few examples of what you can buy at a garage sale.

Good for the Environment

Items that are no longer in use may be sold in a garage sale or thrown in the trash where they end up in landfills. Landfills are harmful to the environment. By buying items you need through such sales, you are reducing the impact on landfills even by just a bit.

A Great Way to Meet Neighbors

A garage sale in the neighborhood serves as the perfect icebreaker. You may find yourselves joking about a funny toy or having deep conversations about books and antics. What is more? You can bring your kids and they get to make new friends right there.

You must now be convinced that you need to shop at a garage sale in Ann Arbor, MI. Make the wise decision to shop at a sale that gives all its proceeds to charity. This is none other than Kiwanis Thrift Sale whose details can be found at

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