Tree Services in Charlottesville, VA Keep Trees Healthy and Beautiful

Tall and majestic trees create a very special landscape. They have to be maintained properly or they can become a menace to nearby structures or become infested with pests. Most homeowners don’t have the equipment or strength to prune tall branches and shape the tree properly. Tree Services in Charlottesville VA can provide these services. If the arborist arrives and sees that the tree’s leaves are drooping, he will use an air spade to excavate the root area. The air spade will not damage the root system as it removes the earth.

Often the tree has used up the nutrients in the nearby soil. The solution is to enlarge the soil area around the tree and fortify it with rich compost. Reducing the lawn area near the tree also reduces the number of chemicals that can seep into the root system. The air spade can easily mix the compost into the soil to a depth of 24 inches. This process also adds oxygen into the soil, which is beneficial to the tree. The arborist then gently puts a layer of rich soil over the compost. A well-nourished tree remains healthier and can fight off pests better. A deep root system helps the tree withstand large gusts of wind and prevents them from being blown over.

Even healthy trees need to have their branches trimmed. This is especially true if a large limb is hanging over the house or a neighbor’s property. An arborist knows the best time to prune a tree. It’s often best to prune delicate trees in the winter when they are dormant. A Tree Services in Charlottesville VA company will have the equipment to do this quickly and safely. They often use a bucket truck so the arborist can easily reach the highest limbs. As he stands in the bucket, he can rig the branch so it won’t damage the house.

D&D Lawn Care is one of the Charlotte companies that provides tree services. Homeowners who want to learn more about them can Check Out Website If they need to have a tree removed, the company will provide them with a free estimate.

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