Troubleshooting Problems With Laser Inkjet Labels

Purchasing quality laser or inkjet labels should allow for easy printing from any laser or inkjet printer. However, there can sometimes be issues that cause printing problems. The good news is that these are often very easy to fix and are often just a simple adjustment or a double check to make sure the correct template and options are in use.

Incorrect Printer

One of the most common complaints that stationary supply companies receive is an issue with smudging, smearing or slow drying of ink on the labels after printing. In most cases, this is not a problem with the labels or the printer, rather a mistake by the operator.

If there is smudging, smearing or splattering of the ink, or if the edges of the text look blurry or as if they have “bled” check to make sure the laser labels being used with a laser printer and the inkjet labels with an inkjet printer. The name laser inkjet labels can be confusing, but a simple check is all it takes.

Inkjet printers use ink cartridges while a laser printer will use toner cartridges that contain a dry powder. Simply looking at the type of printing system will provide the information required.

Printing and Text Problems

Once you know if you are using the correct types of thermal, laser or inkjet labels, you can then set up the software on your computer to print the label.

In this case, it won’t matter if you are using laser inkjet labels, it will be an issue with the program that is causing the problem if the text is incorrectly positioned in the label. Check to make sure you have selected the correct template and make any necessary changes.

In some cases, it may be necessary to change the print quality settings. Check to make sure the settings on your printer are set for labels and not for thinner printer paper.

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