Trying to Help a Friend Get Out of Jail? Contact a Bail Bond Agency in Milford, CT for Advice

It’s common for Milford area residents to help friends get released from jail after an arrest. However, there are risks involved when working with a Bail Bond Agency in Milford CT to obtain a friend’s freedom. The best way to understand the issues involved is by talking to a bail bond agent before signing an agreement to secure a friend’s release.

Discussing Costs

A bail bond agency in Milford CT must be profitable to remain in business. That’s why they charge a fee for their services and why they expect anyone is helping a friend get released from jail on bail understand the risks involved for everyone involved. The fees charged are regulated by the state and are lower than the fees charged in some other areas of the country. However, a percentage of the bail amount must be paid before the bonding agency will go to work to have a person released from custody.

The normal fees are not all that exorbitant, and area experts provide a bond fee calculator on their website so friends will know what type of fee they should expect when seeking a friend’s release. However, it’s important to understand that fee is not the only potential cost faced when an agency posts a bond for a client.

Skipping an Appearance Can Be Costly

One of the major stipulations of a bond agreement is that the individual facing charges will appear for all court dates. In the event an individual fails to appear for a scheduled hearing, the court can rescind the bail agreement. That means the bonding agency will be out the entire bail amount. However, the bonding company will take steps to recoup their loss by passing the costs along to the person signing the bond agreement. If that’s you, the bonding company could seize whatever collateral was pledged for the bail.

Think Carefully Before Signing a Bail Bond Agreement

While helping a friend is important, it’s also important to protect the assets pledged to obtain the person’s release from custody. If you’re going to help a friend, it will be important to keep track of upcoming hearings and ensure that friend appears as agreed. If you’ve got questions about obtaining bail for a friend or loved one, don’t be afraid to demand answers now rather than after a problem occurs. Contact for more information or to help your friend get out of jail now.

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