Types of Conflict in the Workplace

As a new manager or team leader, you may think that your job involves directing people to do their job, creating schedules and writing reviews every six months; however, it’s much more than that! Along with obvious duties and tasks, there are other, more difficult tasks you will have to deal with throughout your managerial career. One of those tasks is conflict resolution. That’s why conflict management training in Ireland is so important. Here are some of the most common workplace conflicts you’re sure to run into:

  • Interdependence conflict: An example would be if the accounting department needs the sales figures in each week by Wednesday afternoon, but the sales department is consistently late in handing them in. This can create animosity between the two departments.
  • Conflict of style: If one team member wants to get tasks done quickly, while another member wants to make sure everyone has a say in how things get done, conflict can arise.
  • Personality conflicts: Stronger personalities can overpower those who aren’t willing to fire back and stand up for themselves. This can create a toxic environment in which everyone becomes uncomfortable.
  • Differences in background/gender: If certain team members are of the opinion that they shouldn’t have to answer to those who are younger or seemingly inferior (male vs. female) productivity can come to a grinding halt. When you have team members of different backgrounds, age, genders and beliefs, you must find a way to have them all work together harmoniously.

When you engage in conflict management training, you can learn how to deal with all of these types of conflicts, in order to come to a quick and satisfactory resolution for everyone involved. This will increase productivity within your organization and boost morale among all of your employees. It won’t be easy, but with the proper training, your entire office will enjoy the benefits.

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