Types of Dental Crowns for Highland Park Patients

A dental crown consists of a cap covering an individual tooth to which it adds stability, durability and strength to a previously weakened tooth structure. Often they are made out of ceramic or gold. Another option used by dentists today is porcelain crowns. Highland Park residents can get fitted with the particular crown option they need to solve their tooth issue.

Why You May Need a Dental Crown

There are number of reasons why people choose to have a dental crown in Highland Park installed. Many candidates have decaying teeth with insufficient tooth structure remaining to accommodate a normal filling. Those with large cavities may choose to have a crown installed to obtain additional protection against fracturing or future decay. Crowns are also required with a tooth implant.

Ceramic Crown

Porcelain and synthetic resins are the major materials used to form a ceramic crown. A large advantage of a ceramic crown is that it can have an appearance very similar to your original natural tooth. Due to aesthetic issues, a metal crown is usually not as popular as other types crown options. They are more visible and less aesthetically pleasing than some available alternatives. However, in terms of functionality they are highly advantageous in terms of durability and service life.

Gold Crown

Even though this type of crown is referred to as a gold crown, it actually contains more than one type of metal. These crowns are made from a wax impression of the tooth. After the crown is fabricated, the patient returns to the dental office to have it fitted. This often only takes a couple of visits. It is considered by many dental professionals as a superior type of crown, even though more costly than others.

Dental Crown Procedures

There are several steps involved in getting a dental crown fitted. The initial step involves the dental professional removing enamel layers from the natural tooth to prepare for the placement of a new crown. Teeth in the vicinity of the affected tooth may also receive some preparation. After an impression is made, the crown is created. Prior to the permanent crown being fitted, the patient will receive a temporary crown as a short-term solution. Finally, after the permanent crown is fabricated, the temporary crown will be taken out and the permanent one installed.

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