Types of Eye Glasses for Sunrise FL Eyewear Customers

Your eyes operate in various environments throughout the day, which may include driving, the office, indoor or outdoor exercise/sports, or in the classroom. Many times, the lenses of eyewear can enhance your eye safety, visual acuity, and overall visual experience. These benefits can be obtained through the use of properly designed eye glasses. Sunrise FL eyewear customers can reap the benefits of wearing the right type of glasses for any particular environment or activity.


Sun glare can have a significant impact on the risk of becoming involved in an automobile accident. There are certain types of lenses that can reduce this glare, including prescription sunglasses. As well, drivers who drive at night may benefit from certain types of lenses that can help them drive safely after the sun has gone down.

Viewing a Computer Screen

Spending prolonged hours in front of a computer screen can produce strain on the eye, resulting in certain risks including red eyes, blurred vision, sore muscles, and headaches. When you look at an object at a fixed distance for a prolonged period of time, you can put undue pressure on the eyes – this can be true of looking at a computer screen even more so than reading words on a paper.

Eye glasses designed for intermediate distance viewing and having specialized tints and anti-reflective coating can help minimize glare from overhead lighting in your room as well as prevent shortwave light from your computer creating eye strain.

Sports and Exercise

Sporting activities require eyewear that is comfortable and safe to wear. In these situations, shatterproof and impact resistant lenses are helpful. As well, lenses that have a specific tint and anti-fog coatings can enhance visual clarity.

Fashion and Fun

You may want one or more other pairs of eye glasses for environments that involve recreation, fun, or fashion. There are many designer frame styles available that come in different colors. You can match a particular type or color of glasses to match an outfit.

By visiting an optometrist serving the Sunrise FL and surrounding areas, you can discuss your options, try on frames, and get the eyewear you need for the different situations and activities of your life.

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