Typical Radiculitis Treatments Done by Chiropractors

Radiculitis is a condition where a nerve is pinched, and pain and numbness can be felt throughout a specific area of the body. It starts in the spine, generally in the lower region, and spreads either upward toward the neck or downward into the legs and feet. There are various ways to manage the pain associated with the condition, including taking medication and avoiding certain actions that could upset the area. However, Lincoln Park Chiropractors offer radiculitis treatment in order for patients to regain some control over their bodies.

Spinal Decompression Therapy

Before performing anything, a Lincoln Park Chiropractor will generally take X-rays of the areas bothering the patient. This is to pinpoint the exact source of the pain. Patients can also expect to be asked questions regarding their lifestyle. This is done to see if anything daily routines should be changed in order to avoid this pain in the future. For example, radiculitis can occasionally occur from improper movements related to physical labor. Patients may be told to change their routine in order to see long-lasting improvements.

After all that, a chiropractor will typically suggest spinal decompression therapy as a form of radiculitis treatment. This is when the chiropractor decompresses the nerve in the spine causing the pain. Decompression makes it easier for various nutrients and liquids to make their way to the spine and repair the injured disc. An apparatus needs to be utilized that uses a percentage of the patient’s own weight to decompress the spine. This is done in 10 to 12-minute increments.

Talk to a Professional

Extreme cases of radiculitis may require surgery in order to fix. However, it is beneficial to speak with a Lincoln Park Chiropractor to see if special therapies can help ease some of your burdens. If they can, then you should be able to see results in about six weeks. Never delay getting radiculitis treatment if your spine is causing pain. Visit Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Centers for more information.

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