Understand the Risks of Lap Band Surgery in El Paso

As with any type of surgery, there will be some risks associated with undergoing weight loss surgery. However, because this type of surgery is typically limited to individuals who are considered obese and have been unable to see results through other methods, the benefits often outweight these risks. However, before you go through lap band surgery in El Paso, it’s essential to understand what those risks may be.

Slow Weight Loss

When many people hear about weight loss surgery, they think about a rapid weight loss that would put them at or near their goal weight quickly. However, this isn’t usually the case, especially with lap band surgery. For some patients, weight loss can be extremely slow, which can be discouraging.

Band Issues

Another potential risk of lap band surgery in El Paso involves the shifting of the band itself. During this surgery, your doctor will place a physical band around the stomach that can be tightened or loosened, depending on your needs. However, due to the way this surgery is performed, some patients may experience a slipping band or even one that erodes into the stomach. These issues will require removal of the band.

A Shifting Port

In order to make adjustments to the band, a shifting port is installed during your lap band surgery in El Paso. This port may shift over time, which will require a follow up surgery to correct. Anywhere between 15 and 60 percent of patients will need some type of follow up surgery.

Stomach Problems

Because this surgery directly impacts the stomach, you may experience problems in this area as well. Not only could your stomach be damaged during the surgery, but afterward, some side effects that may occur include ulcers, gastritis or heartburn.

Taking good care of yourself after this type of surgery is essential, particularly when it comes to getting the right amount of nutrients in your diet.

If you’re thinking about lap band surgery in El Paso, visit the Memorial Weight Loss Center website to schedule a consultation.

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