Understanding How To Get Medical Marijuana In Orlando

The Florida Amendment 2, the legalization of medical marijuana, was passed in the general election in November of 2016. With this law, individuals with specific qualifying health conditions could register with the state to obtain a medical marijuana card for Florida to legally use specific types of cannabis as prescribed by a doctor.

There are specific regulations all medical marijuana clinics and doctors in Orlando have to follow to qualify patients for approval and recommend cannabis. For patients wondering how to get medical marijuana, the process can be challenging. Many general physicians, and even specialist doctors do not prescribe and are not aware of the process.

Only specific medical conditions will be approved for treatment with medical marijuana. Many patient’s condition may result in a denial of a recommendation by a medical marijuana doctor.

Medical Documentation Requirements

When looking for information on how to get medical marijuana, it is essential to understand you must have medical documentation that is not more than three years old stating you have a qualifying medical condition.

Qualifying medical conditions include AIDS/HIV, ALS, epilepsy, glaucoma, MS, Parkinson’s Disease, Cancer, PTSD, Crohn’s disease or a chronic pain condition which is a result of a qualifying medical condition or a similar condition.

The doctor at the medical marijuana clinic in Orlando will need to review your medical records and discuss your treatment options. He or she will then make a recommendation for approval. If a qualifying condition is confirmed the patient information is entered into the Florida medical marijuana registry.

When you find out where and how to get medical marijuana in Orlando, you will need to provide proof of residency in Florida as well as identification. There is an application fee which must be paid to the state in order to receive your Florida medical marijuana card.

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