Understanding Skilled Nursing Care

by | Jul 28, 2017 | Healthcare

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Taking the time to understand the terminology used in the long-term care industry is important in figuring out what type of care you or your loved one needs. In regard to senior care, there are some terms used that are interchangeable. As a result, there is some confusion regarding what skilled nursing services actually are. You can learn more about these services here.

Skilled Nursing Care Explained

When you utilize skilled nursing services it means that medical care is being provided by a trained individual, such as an occupational therapist, speech or physical therapist, or a registered nurse. While these services are offered on a short term basis for those recovering from an injury, they are also provided to seniors who may need care around the clock.

Skilled Nursing Care Services In the Home

With more seniors making the decision to remain in their home as they age, the home health industry has responded by offering skilled nursing services from licensed therapists or nurses in the client’s home. When these services are prescribed by a doctor, they are often covered by private health insurance, long term care, Medicare and even veterans benefits. With this type of care, the patient receives medical treatments, while remaining independent in their home.

Is Skilled Nursing Care Right for You?

It is important to consider who the care is for to figure out whether or not it is the right option. The fact is, there are also skilled nursing care providers at assisted living facilities, if needed. Keep this in mind when considering the options and whether or not the senior should remain in their home, or move to an assisted living facility.

Taking the time to figure out whether or not skilled nursing services is right for your elderly loved one, review the information here. It will help you make an informed decision.

More information about skilled nursing care services are available by visiting the Capital City Nurses website. You can follow them on Twitter for latest news and updates!

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