Understanding the Concept of Panic Rooms in NY

Sometimes referred to as safe rooms, Panic Rooms in NY are intended to provide space that is considered secure in the event of some type of home emergency. As they relate to home security, a panic room is an area that can be secured from the inside and will prevent burglars and other intruders from entering the space. Creating a panic room in the home is much easier to manage than many people believe. Entry Protocols The goal with panic rooms in NY is to ensure the occupants of the home can enter and secure the space with ease. From the outside, the door to the room will look like any other found in the house. Inside the door, there is likely to be a turnkey system that makes it very easy to activate the tumblers by people who know the right codes. In addition, the door itself will be reinforced with metal to ensure it cannot be broken down with ease. Ventilation The ventilation system must come with temperature controls that can be operated from inside the space. It is normally a good idea to have this system be separate from the main heating and cooling unit. Doing so will minimize the possibility of failure if the intruders should cut the power supply to that main unit in an attempt to encourage those in the safe room to emerge.

Contact With the Outside World Access via a wireless Internet connection is also a staple of the panic room. That makes it easier to communicate with law enforcement officials and let them know there is some sort of threat in progress. It is possible to install boosters that are secreted within the walls to help enhance the signals. Remember to include a separate source of power that is not tied to the main wiring in the home. Comfort A panic room needs to have comfortable furniture. If everyone has a place to settle in and rest, staying in the room, even for several hours, will be less of an ordeal. Remember to include bottled water and light snacks that do not require refrigeration. Attaching a small bathroom facility to the room is also a good idea. For help planning a panic room, work with a security professional. Doing so makes it easier to determine the best location for the room, and what features are needed to make it perfectly functional.

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