University of Pennsylvania Off-Campus Apartments for Students

Living Near the University of Pennsylvania

As a full-time student attending the prestigious University of Pennsylvania, you should take advantage of the extensive public transportation network in the local area. SEPTA operates light rail and metro lines that make multiple stops near the main campus of this Ivy League university. You could easily walk to the 30th Street station, which has Amtrak and commuter rail services. Some apartments near the University of Pennsylvania are also just a step away from lots of stores and businesses that sell essentials and luxuries. Due to the urban nature of this district of Philadelphia, parking is extremely limited for students. Therefore, your apartments near the University of Pennsylvania should encourage the use of public transportation and bicycles. Instead of struggling with traffic congestion, you could just take a bicycle or ride a train to your designated point at the University of Pennsylvania campus.

Contemporary Apartments for University of Pennsylvania Students

Apartments near the University of Pennsylvania should be furnished with contemporary amenities for your enjoyment during the semester. For example, wall-mounted HDTVs with streaming services will entertain you and your roommates. You could ask for discounts and other special deals on the Wi-Fi network in your apartment. If you have problems with the internet connection in your unit, simply go to the on-site business center in your apartment building. On a pleasant day, you could enjoy some sunshine at a private outdoor terrace overlooking the hustle and bustle of Philly.

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