Urgent Care Physicians East Brunswick NJ

Illness and injuries don’t follow a schedule. If your child is complaining of an earache and it’s the weekend or you’ve twisted your ankle and need it examined, you don’t want to wait until the doctor’s office opens up the following day. You want to be seen now. When you need to see a doctor right away, head to the Urgent Care Physicians East Brunswick NJ. This office takes urgent care and injury walk-in appointments. You’re usually in and out in less than an hour. Urgent care can take care of the entire family, children, teens, adults and even seniors. Appointments are available for preventative care and immunizations too and there is even a lab on site.

Sitting in the ER for a cough or the flu isn’t helpful to anyone, but if the doctor’s office is closed, sometimes you don’t realize you have a choice. If you need a few stitches in your cut finger, you may sit in the ER for hours, as it’s not really an emergency, but where else do you go? Instead of the emergency room, for prompt urgent care, come to Doctors Office East Brunswick NJ. You can get the medical care you need, without the long wait and in a more convenient and comfortable setting.

The Physicians East Brunswick NJ at the Urgent Care are also able to provide preventative care such as high blood pressure management, diabetes control and weight loss. The doctor here can also give school, sports and DOT physicals, flu and tetanus vaccines, immunizations and much more. The office also offers convenient in house lab services. Convenient appointments are available for these medical needs, if desired.

When you need care and you need it fast, don’t sit in the ER waiting to be seen. Come instead to the Central Jersey Urgent Care Clinic In Somerset. Here you will be seen promptly by an experienced, knowledgeable physician who can assess your condition, provide treatment and get you on your way as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate, it’s less expensive than the emergency room too and most medical health insurance plans are accepted.

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