Use a Lambswool Paint Roller on Your Next Project

Painting and staining is a great way to change the look of any room without having to spend an arm and a leg to do so. The key is to make sure that you have the right tools to get the job done effectively.

Don’t just buy any old paint roller. Instead, grab a lambswool paint roller and lambswool stain applicator to improve the overall aesthetic. There are some serious benefits to upgrading your roller before painting.

Faster Application

When you use a low-grade paint roller, it can feel like a lifetime trying to cover every little area of the surface in question. That’s because those lower quality rollers don’t hold onto or distribute the paint as well as you would hope.

A lambswool paint roller has some of the best pick-up quality, distributing that paint evenly over the surface with efficiency. Because the fibers are naturally knit, they are long enough to hold more paint without spattering and dripping.

Solvent Resistant

Maybe the most interesting thing about a lambswool paint roller is that it is resistant to solvents. A cheap foam roller shouldn’t be used with solvents because they will eventually fall apart and even dissolve.

As that happens, debris gets left behind that contaminates the finish. Lambskin is solvent-resistant so it can hold up better, even in industrial and marine applications. That kind of versatility is unmatched, making lambswool rollers a go-to in just about every situation.

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