Use the Energy from a Solar Panel in Palm Springs, CA to Cut Residential Costs

When you take advantage of solar products for the home, you can save in a number of ways. Not only will you slash your energy costs but you will realize a number of other savings as well. For example, for each $1,000 that you invest on energy usage, the value of your home increases by $20,000. While adding a solar system can be a sizable investment, you also save substantially on what you spend on utilities overall.

Obtain a Tax Credit from the Government

Indeed, taking advantage of a product such as a solar panel in Palm Springs, CA is advantageous financially and functionally. In addition, when you include solar panels on your home, you receive a tax credit from the federal government of around 30%.

A Leader in the Use of Solar

You also are contributing to California’s economy when you choose to go the solar panel route. Because of solar energy use, the number of clean energy jobs have increased in California. In fact, California is a current leader in the use of solar in the U.S.

When you use solar panel products, you keep about 9,600 pounds of CO2 emissions out of the atmosphere. Contributing to solar energy solutions is equal to planting about 1,040 trees. Therefore, you are not only saving the environment but you are saving money as well.

Attractive Financing Options

You can choose to either pay for a solar installation with a credit card or cash or take advantage of financing options. One financing alternative permits you to finance your solar panel purchase with no money down and have your payments incorporated into your property tax.

Harness the Sun’s Energy for Yourself

If you would like to know more about the cost savings of electing to go solar, visit us for further details. Harness the sun’s energy and reap financial and energy rewards for yourself.

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