Using Epoxy Floor Coatings in Seattle Wa

Where there is a desire to improve the appearance of a concrete garage floor, considering the addition of Floor Coatings in Seattle Wa is an option. Epoxy is a durable substance that, after application and drying time, provides a pleasing look while protecting concrete from damage. Here are some tips to keep in mind when using epoxy to cover a concrete surface.

Make Sure The Weather Is Favorable

It is best to refrain from the application of epoxy until there is no chance of precipitation in the forecast. Since a garage door should remain open after the epoxy is in place, the chance of moisture ruining the appearance is great if rain or snow is likely to occur. Check weather forecasts before using the epoxy to ensure drying will happen without incident.

Tend To Cracks Before Application

If concrete has any cracks present within a floor surface, it is best to fill them in before adding epoxy. This will give the floor a uniform appearance and it will be free of grooved portions. Use a cement sealant to fill in cracks and allow it to harden completely. Afterward, use sandpaper to smooth down any extra sealant so the floor is completely level.

Start At An Interior Corner

Begin adding the epoxy at an interior corner of the garage. This way, there is no worry about needing to walk upon areas already completed before drying has occurred. Apply the epoxy from corner to corner and move toward the garage door opening.

Consider Getting Help From A Professional

Since the application of epoxy will improve a floor’s appearance, hiring a professional to do the job helps to minimize errors in the procedures used. A professional coating worker will have the proper tools on hand to apply the coating in a fast and efficient manner, leaving the garage floor looking its absolute best after the process is completed.

When there is a desire to find out more about Floor Coatings in Seattle Wa, calling a service with plenty of experience in this field is best. Contact a floor coating service today to make an appointment or to inquire about flooring options.

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