Using the Services of Matt Dixon in Seneca, SC, for Retirement Planning

by | Aug 12, 2020 | Financial Advisor

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Retirement often sneaks up on people faster than they imagine. They believe that they have decades to plan for retiring, only to discover that they must have their finances in order within relatively short order.

When you want to provide the best foundation for your retirement planning, you need to find out how to save money without being forced to pay a lot of taxes on it. You can learn the best strategies by working with an experienced advisor like Matt Dixon in Seneca, SC, today.

Avoiding Taxes

The IRS provides for dozens of legal loopholes that you can use to your advantage when saving for retirement. As a general rule, retirement contributions up to a certain dollar amount, depending on your age, are tax exempt. However, once you cross that financial threshold, you find the rest of your savings subject to expensive income taxes.

To avoid this, you must learn how to diversify your portfolio and spread your retirement savings across a broad scope of sources. Your advisor can show you how to do this legally so that you avoid being audited or incurring fines or other penalties for avoiding tax payments.

Your ideal goal is to save as much money for retiring without paying much, if any, taxes on the savings. You can learn how to accomplish this by consulting with a financial advisor like us, who can provide advice for you accordingly.

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