Ways to Remove Lime Scale

One of the harshest side effects of having hard water in your home or business is the amount of lime scale buildup that it can leave behind. For the most part, lime scale can be a very destructive force for your plumbing and pipes, which is why it is important to remove it as soon as you can. The lime scale will also begin to stain and discolor all of the objects that it comes in contact with, which can be very expensive for you if you have to replace them. The following are a few of the different method that are used to remove lime scale from your home and business.

Industrial Products

One of the most common methods of Industrial Water Limescale Removal is the use of high powered acids to dissolve the alkaline that the lime scale produces. This will help to remove the dangerous lime scale from the industrial pipes and fixtures, which will eliminate the possibility for clogging due to the mineral, build up. The chemicals that have to be used on industrial applications are very toxic and should only be sure by supervised professionals that have the experience to handle them with the care that they deserve.

Using Vinegar

One of the oldest methods used to remove lime scale in a home setting is vinegar, which has been used for hundreds of years to fix this problem. You will need to take the vinegar and put in on a washcloth and then put it down over the affected area. The vinegar will then begin to dissolve the lime scale and leave nothing but a clean surface behind. You will be able to use the vinegar method on everything from stainless steel to porcelain in an effective way. This is an easy and non-toxic way to get rid of your lime scale problem once and for all.

Removal by Steam

One of the most commonly used methods in the removal of lime scale is steam, which is easy to use and highly effective. The use of a steam machine will force the hot steam into the water source, which helps to break up the mineral deposits in your pipes. You need to be careful when using this method due to the high amount of heat that a steam machine can produce. The hotter you get the steam, the more effective it will be.

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