Ways to Stay Safe While Working With Sharps in California Facilities

While working in a hospital or medical office, it’s common to come in contact with needles and other sharp objects. In order to prevent needle sticks and other injuries, there are a few things that you can do while caring for patients so that everyone is safe.


There are usually disposable containers in each room where you work with patients. A component of sharps safety is that you place the object used inside the container as soon as medication is delivered or as soon as the instrument is used to complete a procedure. Make sure that the lid is properly closed once the sharps are inside and that the container is disposed of as soon as it’s full.


There are various types of equipment that are often worn when it comes to sharps safety. You might not need to wear every piece of equipment depending on the situation. Gloves should be worn to prevent needles from puncturing the skin. If there’s a question about the patient’s health or if the patient has a known illness that could be contagious, then a double layer of gloves should be worn. Gloves, a gown, and a face shield are other pieces of equipment to wear when using sharps.


Make sure all sharps are in plain view so that nurses, doctors, and patients can see them. This can aid in making sure sharps aren’t intertwined in the sheets on the bed or that they don’t fall on the floor and are broken while walking around.
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