We Make Cosmetology School More Affordable

Becoming a stylist or a nail tech isn’t just a job; it’s a passion. At Ms. Roberts Academy, we take that passion, refine your talent, and give you the skills to become a licensed professional. While cosmetology schools can cost upwards of $20k, we’ve made a more affordable beauty school in Melrose Park.

Cosmetology Program

Our cosmetology program meets the state’s required 1500 clock hours. We offer 4 different schedules to fit your needs. The cosmetology course can be completed between 47.5 and 98 weeks. Our cosmetology curriculum covers basic training, chemical application and hair treatment, hair design, shop management, esthetics, nail design, and electives.

Nail Tech

Our nail tech program prepares you to become licensed by the state with 350 clock hours. This program has 4 different options for class schedules and can be completed between 12 and 23 weeks. Our nail tech curriculum covers basic training, related concepts, practices, procedures, and business practices.

Instructor Programs

We offer a 500 and 1000 hour class for cosmetology instruction and a 625-hour nail tech instructor program. The curriculum for our cosmetology and nail tech instructor program includes educational psychology, teaching theory, application methods, business methods, and student teaching.


When you think about the affordable beauty school in Melrose Park, we’d like you to think of Ms. Roberts Academy. Financing is worry-free in all of our programs. The cost of our programs is lower than the national average. We offer payment plans with different term lengths to fit your needs. You can make your arrangements, and a down payment is due before your first day of class. Low monthly payments are available. We also offer scholarships for students in good standing. These scholarships can cover up to $5k with 90% attendance and GPA.

If you’re ready to turn your passion into a meaningful career, make an appointment with Ms. Roberts Academy today!

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