What Are Bail Bonds in Monroe, CT

Bail bonds in Monroe, CT are a way for arrested persons to be released from jail pending the outcome of their hearings. There are terms of the bond they must follow while they are out of jail, and the bond must be secured with a deposit or collateral. Once the bond is secured, the person can be released until their hearings are completed.

Securing an Arrested Person’s Release

A family member or friend can obtain a bond for the arrested person. They will need to provide a deposit equal to around 10% of the bail amount or collateral that is worth more than the full bail amount. They will also need to understand the bond terms and agree to them. Once the bond is secured, the bondsman pays the full bail amount to the jail and the arrested person will be released.

Out on Bond

While the arrested person is out on bond, they are typically allowed to do everything they would normally do, but there may be restrictions to where they can go or who they can be with. They must follow the terms of the bond carefully, as failure to do so could mean their bond is revoked and they will need to return to jail until their hearings are complete.

The End of the Bond

Once the person’s hearings are over, the terms of the bond are typically fulfilled and the person will not need to worry about them any longer. If the bond was secured with collateral, the person who secured the bond will need to pay a service fee for it but will receive their collateral back. If the bond was secured with a deposit, the person who obtained the bond will not receive money back but will not owe anything further.

If you have a loved one who has been arrested and you’d like to help them, bail bonds in Monroe, CT might be a good option. Visit our website for a bail bond company today or contact us to learn more about bail bonds and how to find one to help your family member or friend today.

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