What are Rack Supported Buildings?

While you may not know it, you have probably seen a rack supported building before. Rack supported buildings are storage solutions in which large, complete racking systems comprise the basic support structure for a building. Rather than a standard warehouse that contains a storage shelving solution, these buildings themselves are the solution. If you have a lot of stock that needs to be stored – especially long-term – this might be an excellent solution for your business.

Advantages of Using Rack Supported Buildings

There are many reasons to choose a rack supported building for your business’s storage needs.

  • Ready-to-use once completed, entirely turnkey
  • Potential tax advantages
  • Rack supported buildings with AS/RS system integration are available
  • Heights can be extensive, over 100 feet
  • Puts vertical space to work instead of land mass, yielding a lower building footprint
  • Can have lower construction costs than traditional storage building solutions

If land mass is at a premium in the construction of your storage solution, a rack supported building could be a perfect solution. These buildings can be large or small, taking up as little or as much space as your company needs.

Where to Get Started with Rack Supported Buildings

Do these advantages sound like something that would benefit your business? If so, talk to Frazier Industrial Company. There’s no need to choose a building or a storage shelf solution “off the rack”. Choose your building based on your business’s individual needs and keep your stock stored safely with a rack supported building!

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