What are Some Common Uses for Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are covers that fit over the top and sometimes an entire tooth. They can be used to help correct many dental issues. Here are three of the more common ways that a dentist may use crowns for West Loop patients’ dental health.

Reinforcing a Tooth After a Root Canal

Root canals can leave a limited amount of tooth material. To protect what’s left and ensure the tooth can withstand the pressure involved with chewing or biting, a crown is often applied to the tooth. Since the material can be tinted to match the surrounding teeth, no one will know the crown is present. The crown is customized to even out the top of the tooth so that the bite remains in alignment.

Stabilize a Cracked Tooth

A small crack in a tooth will eventually become a large one. One way to protect the tooth from more damage is to install a crown. In some cases, dentist choose to use a combination of crowns in the West Loop along with veneers to ensure the damaged teeth are properly protected. The exact process selected will depend on the severity of the crack and the general condition of the tooth.

Anchor a Dental Bridge

Dental bridges fill in gaps left when teeth are extracted. To ensure that the bridge remains in place, it’s not unusual for dentists to add crowns West Loop to the teeth on each side of the gap. The crowns reduce the potential for the bridge to slip out of position.

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