What Are The Top Reasons Why You Should Invest In Mica Heaters?

When it comes to industrial and residential heating elements, Mica heater & heating elements are among the popular options in the market. Usually, the heaters use both reflective and convection heat transfer technologies to improve their heating distribution efficiency. Therefore, you will always get an adequate amount of warmth regardless of the size of your room. If you are planning to buy a heater, here are the top reasons why you should go for mica models.

Energy Efficient

Mica heaters are made from a silicate mineral known as mica. This mineral is made of a shiny layered structure which makes it a good heat and electric conductor. When electric currents pass through the material, it produces heat energy much faster. This energy then gets transferred to the surrounding air hence bringing the heating effect. As such, these heaters are more effective than other types of heating methods such as radiant.

Saves you Electric Bills

If you want to conserve your electric usage, then the mica heater will suit you fine. Since it distributed heat much faster than the typical heaters, it will help save significant electric bills. The traditional heaters transfer heat best if the object is in close proximity to the heating source. However, the heater uses electromagnetic radiation to transfer and quickly distribute heat to the intended object.

Instant Heating

The heaters are also known to be faster than their traditional counterparts. Once connected to the power source, the electromagnetic rays as well as radiant heat will take effect to warm up the environment or room in the shortest time possible. You can start feeling the warmth almost instantly.

Other than the above-mentioned reasons, these heaters are also less noisy, lightweight, and absolutely converts electricity to heat by 100%.

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