What do roofing contractors do?

Roofers in Lee’s Summit MO install new roofs, repair roofs and replace aging roofs on homes and commercial buildings. Many roofing contractors focus on installing new roofs on homes that are being built in large projects, others focus more on repair and replacement.

Many roofing contractors migrate from home construction jobs where they gain a great deal of knowledge and experience, others come to the business from carpentry. Like every business, before a roofing contractor can begin soliciting customers he must obtain a business license or permit. In many jurisdictions the contractor needs to be certified and to do this he must have worked alongside experienced roofers and gained a complete understanding of the demands of the work.

There are a number of reasons why homeowners turn to roofers in Lee’s Summit MO; the roof may have been damaged in a storm, there may be water leaks or even a fire or other event. A reputable roofing contractor will always visit the home, the first order is to inspect the roof and determine the full extent of the damage. If a contractor tries to offer a price over the phone, do not use him. Once the damage has been ascertained the contractor prepares an estimate of the cost of repair. The variables in an estimate are materials, labor and anticipated profit, depending on the amount of work the contractor has at the moment he may consider lowering the bid. It is wise to get two or three roofing contractors to bid prior to picking the one you want.

It is not just roof repair that involves a roofing contractor, there are many instances where the roof has deteriorated over the years and must be replaced. You may find that some roofers specialize in the installation of certain types of roofs; these can be slate or wood shakes which do require unique skills.

Roofers in Lee’s Summit MO are not only involved in roof installation and repair. In many cases an insurance company will demand a roof inspection before they write a homeowners insurance policy. As the roof of a house is perhaps the most expensive element to replace, the insurance company often refuses to insure homes that have a roof in a poor state. The inspections are carried out by the roofing contractor; they do this for a flat fee. In the event the roofer finds that the roof needs repair the property owner is free to either engage the contractor who did the inspection or any other contractor to make the reparations.

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