What Does A Sterile Tech Do And Why They’re Important?

A Sterile Processing Tech works in a variety of places, including doctor’s offices and hospitals. They sterilize medical equipment and instruments as their primary job duty. However, they also make sure that the facility is sterilized and clean, which means performing manual cleaning first, placing clean instruments into a sterilizer (autoclave), starting the sterilization machine and monitoring it, and more. Likewise, they will examine all the equipment at regular intervals and ensure that there are no problems or defects. They may also test the autoclaves and record results, assemble instrument trays for surgeons and doctors, order medical supplies, distribute those supplies to their essential areas and ensure that all supplies are not expired.


Most people don’t realize that a high school diploma is all that’s necessary to become a Sterile Tech. However, you’ve got a better chance at finding a job when you obtain certification from an accredited school. Many times, you can get the education you need in under two months, making it worthwhile to consider certification programs.

Likewise, you can become certified through IAHCSMM or CBSPD. Each organization provides two different certifications, including the CRCST and the CIS from the IAHCSMM. The CBSPD offers the CSPDT and the CSIS certification.

Each certification program will require that you take an exam and have work experience. In most cases, there is a prerequisite, which means you may need the CRCST before you can take the CIS exam.

Why They’re Necessary

Most people don’t think about sterilization when they’re sick, but it is highly important to ensure that you don’t get what the last patient had. Bacteria and germs can remain on instruments for extended periods, which is why they must be cleaned and sterilized.

A Sterile Tech is an important part of the medical and healthcare industry. Visit Altamont Healthcare now to learn more. Follow us on twitter.

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